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Delivers Integrated Information and Technology Solutions to Drive Healthcare Forward

IQVIA harnesses insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise to empower clients to achieve some of their most important goals: Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results.



Decades of tradition link KNAPP to the entire healthcare supply chain. KNAPP meets the conflicting demands of quality, performance and efficiency using a mixture of tried and tested technologies, such as the Central Belt System or smart shuttle solutions, as well as innovations such as the Pick-it-Easy Robot, KiSoft Vision and the KNAPP-Store. The smart blend of all these technologies produces the zero defect warehouse: the warehouse that combines highest quality and process reliability with maximum efficiency.


SSI Schäfer

SSI Schäfer is the world’s leading supplier of warehouse and logistics systems. The services it offers range from concept design, warehouse fittings with its own products to the implementation of complex logistics projects as a general contractor. The pooling of collective skills under the umbrella of SSI Schaefer lays the foundation for the development of market-oriented, industry-overlapping warehouse systems and for the conception of complete intralogistics solutions.




We have designed, tested and manufactured packaging solutions for the transport of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and food products, including plastic totes, since 1996. We meet demands from all across the pharmaceutical supply chain by providing a customized response to the specific needs of our customers.


Thermo King

Thermo King offers a comprehensive range of product solutions specifically designed for the transport temperature control industry. Thermo King prides itself in the research and development of market-leading innovative solutions to ensure they continue to offer their customers the most reliable, efficient and effective products.



Sensitech Inc. enables global leaders in the life sciences market to track, monitor and protect the quality and integrity of their temperature-sensitive products across complex supply chains. Through its logistics security division, FreightWatch International, Sensitech also provides real-time cargo transparency and security solutions, mitigating risks such as theft, diversion, and chain of custody.


BD Rowa

Becton Dickinson (BD) Rowa® Technologies provide automated warehousing and dispensing solution for pharmacies and other healthcare facilities. The portfolio also includes a range of digital solutions which enhance customer experience by improving consultation and allowing self-service in the pharmacy environment. With more than 8,000 systems installed worldwide, the Rowa brand stands for quality and reliability. BD is a global medical technology company that promotes healthcare by improving research, diagnostics and care. BD employs almost 50,000 people in 50 countries. Rowa Technologies is supported by around 500 employees from Kelberg (Eifel) and Frankfurt.


Righthand Robotics

RightHand Robotics (RHR) is a leader in providing end-to-end solutions that reduce the cost of e-commerce order-fulfillment of electronics, apparel, grocery, pharmaceuticals, and countless other industries.
RHR grew out of a team of researchers from Harvard Biorobotics Lab, the Yale Grab Lab, and MIT leading groundbreaking research in grasping systems, intelligent hardware sensors, computer vision, and applied machine learning. Each had robotics experience and recognized that their research collectively had the potential to radically transform the supply-chain industry. RHR was formed to bring these latest technological developments from the lab to the warehousing industry.


Car FibreGlass

Since 1974 we have been converting commercial vehicles in order to improve their professional use. Since 1998 we have been ISO9001 certified and from there on we have been pursuing constant improvements in order to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. Cover by Car Fibreglass is the first cladding in Europe having brilliantly passed the tests to demonstrate the compliance with the new European guidelines regarding the distribution of medicines (2013/C 343/01). The obtained certificate attests that the combination of the cladding “Cover” and an extension of the original air conditioning and heating system guarantees the temperature remains between 15° and 25°C, also under extreme conditions.


Petit Forestier / Polepharma

PETIT FORESTIER: European leader in refrigerated vehicle and container rental
Petit Forestier has made the choice of developing its expertise exclusively in the field of refrigeration and commercializes a multi-product range that includes the rental of refrigerated vehicles, cabinets and containers.
Our business has two major focal points, Refrigeration and Full Service. Refrigeration: This is what drives the deployment of our specialised offer. Petit Forestier is the only company in the European rental market whose business is entirely devoted to refrigeration. Full service: This is our core business. It is based on expertise acquired over decades of experience and is our main competitive advantage.

POLEPHARMA is a solid, mobilized, unifying network bringing together players in the pharmaceutical sector around common values ​​such as Audacity in innovation, Pride in French expertise and Collaboration as a performance accelerator. Polepharma stimulates the economic and industrial development of the players in the leading French pharmaceutical sector through actions promoting competitiveness, innovation and attractiveness for the benefit of employment in the Center-Loire Valley, Normandy and Ile de France regions.



Sofrigam was founded in 1979 by an industrial pharmacist. The Company specialises today in the design and manufacture of insulated and refrigerated packaging. From the outset, we have developed solutions to the cold chain consignment problems experienced by the pharmaceutical industry. We are now numbered among the leaders on the European packaging market, especially following the creation of the Frizbox (Pallet Shipper) refrigerated product in 2001.


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