What is the GEA Supply Chain Conference?

Since 2016 the GEA Supply Chain Conference brings together healthcare and pharma supply chain experts from Europe and across the globe to share insights in the latest state-of-the-art supply chain technologies, explore new options for value creation in the healthcare ecosystem and provide a platform for exchange amongst top level colleagues and peers.

Every year, over 100 distinguished speakers from the European Commission and GMP/GDP inspectorates, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, supply chain managers, healthcare experts, and drivers of new technologies join us to network with the international audience and to share their know-how on how best to guarantee product quality and safety through efficient and cost-effective distribution processes.

The Supply Chain Conference is a GIRP Educational Academy (GEA) event. In 2016, GIRP launched the GEA as a forum for collaboration, partnership and exchange between all partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain and the healthcare sector. Offering practical hands-on information, through conferences, workshops and trainings, the GEA caters to supply chain executives, directors, managers, responsible persons, GDP-trained staff and all those involved in continuously improving supply chain efficiency, quality and safety.