What is the GIRP Supply Chain Conference?

Since 2014, the GIRP Supply Chain Conference gathers experts from all across Europe and beyond to discuss the hottest topics of the pharmaceutical supply chain and endeavours to bring new perspectives and innovative ideas for healthcare experts to better deliver medicinal products and ensure that the needs of all patients are met.

In 2023, the 8th edition of the GIRP Supply Chain Conference will take place in Madrid, Spain where it will aim at tackling the multifaceted transformation and transition underpinning the core of the pharmaceutical supply chain. While the past years allowed us to draw critical lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, many challenges still lay ahead, be it the green transition that is now in the spotlight of all the regulators, the digitalisation of the sector that is full of opportunities, or even the overall need to increase the resilience of structures and infrastructures for future crises.

In addition to exploring these different pathways, the Supply Chain Conference will revolve around our traditional session gathering G(M)DP authorities and inspectors to discuss and exchange altogether on the implementation of the Good Distribution Practices. Featuring some of the key regulators on the national and European level, such as heads of national medicines agencies and from the European Medicines Agency, as well as professionals from top-tier companies in the pharmaceutical distribution and industry, the GIRP Supply Chain Conference is a unique opportunity for stakeholders of the pharmaceutical supply chain to meet and discuss on the latest and leading topics of the sector.